Internet users increased by 18 million in one month

Internet users increased by 18 million in one month

In September, an increase of nearly 18 million Internet users in the country. More than six million mobile phone subscribers increased. Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) was based on an analysis of the latest report.

According to data from the mobile companies in the report each month to the Commission. A report released Tuesday, the country of 5 million to 40 million 58 thousand internet subscribers. In August, two million 19 thousand, which was 5 million.
Using the mobile internet is more than five million subscribers 0 million. In August, the number of 5 to 43 million to seven million. WiMAX ISP and PSTN number one lakh 65 thousand and 19 lakh 11 thousand internet subscribers.
According to the regulator’s six mobile operators’ total subscribers, 13 million to 14 million 36 thousand. In August, the number was 13 million 43 thousand and eight.
According to the statistics, the country’s leading operator in terms of subscriber retains its position as a GP. More than five million subscribers grew to 55 million to 11 million of its current subscribers. The second operator corporate subscribers fell by nearly two million. 8 lakh 79 thousand crore in August was their customer. In September, the number stands at 6 million 15 thousand million.
Robi subscribers rose to 57 in September of two crore 83 lakh 73 thousand. Airtel has four million subscribers. 97 lakh 17 thousand to their subscribers. Telitakerao state of mobile subscribers has increased the company. 40 lakh and 41 lakh 79 thousand to 8 thousand stood their subscribers.
CITYCELL customer fell, as usual. 5 of 11 lakh 13 thousand subscribers to their decline.
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