Frequently Asked Question

  • First you need to login through registration, then click on the green button labeled "Post Your Ad" in the top right corner. A form page like the below will appear and you have to fill it step by step and submit it. Posting to BD is very simple and easy.

  • We have three types of Promotions Ads. Bumpup Ad Top Ad Featured Ad 1) Bumpup Ads: Your ads will bump up every day and appear on top of regular ads. The Daily Bump Up promotion moves your ad to the top of the regular ad listings once a day, for up to 15 days. It will get more views than normal ads. It has the same effect as reposting your ad every day - but it's automatic! Ads with Daily Bump Up are given a fresh start once a day, to get your ad more views with no extra effort. You can add one, two or three promotion options to each ad separately or together. We've included this promotion ad option in every membership package.

  • The promotion ads included in the membership package will Remain visible for 15 days. In addition to Top Ads and Featured Ads, your ad is also posted as a regular ad, And will show up as a regular ad for one year at a time. So you can add other promotions to your regular ad too.

  • Regular ads will Remain visible for one year at a time.

  • First you need to login through registration, Then click on the "People Icon" top right or "My Account" text and go to the My Account page and click on the "My Listing" text on the left, Or directly click on the text "Promote Your Ad" will open like the first image page below. From here you can promote, edit or delete specific posts one by one. Clicking on the Promote button will open only one page like the "2nd, 3rd and 4th" image.