SM accounts need to be protected from hacked

SM accounts need to be protected from hacked

As technology advances, hackers are changing their tactics. As a result, incidents like online fraud or account hacking are increasing day by day. 


In that case, even after placing social media accounts under multiple security cordons, it is seen that they have been hacked. Personalities like Jack Dorsey, CEO of the micro-blogging site Twitter, have not escaped the wiles of hackers. A few months ago, his official Twitter account was hacked and some racist tweets were sent from there. As a result, after hearing this news, everyone is worried about the security of their social media accounts. If you are also worried about your social media accounts, today we will tell you some of the strategies that will make your social media accounts much safer if you follow them. Let’s learn about these strategies.


Ways to secure your social media account

1. Two-step verification: Two-factor authentication or a two-step verification option will play an important role in keeping your account secure. If you enable or disable this option, you will be sent OTP via text message, mail, or phone call while logging in to any social account. As a result, if another person tries to log in to your account, you will receive instant news. So for security reasons, this option must be turned on.

2. Keep mobile apps up-to-date: Mobile apps should always be kept up to date. This will make your phone more secure. Because app developers often come up with one or another update to keep the app safe. So if you use the latest version of the app, your account will be less likely to be hacked.

3. Beware of suspicious activity: With security in mind, keep an eye on what’s happening in your account. The sooner you detect suspicious activity, the sooner you’ll be able to secure your account. That is, with a little care, you can keep your account and personal information safe from hackers. Also, keep an eye on accounts you don’t use. Because, since they are linked to your email, there is also all your information stored.

4. Use caution when using public networks: Many of us use free Wi-Fi in cafes or shopping malls. However, many of you may not know that the information on your phone, including your social media account, can be hacked in order to use the free internet. Because, many people are using the same network together. As a result, if someone is able to insert malicious code into that public network system, the devices of those Wi-Fi network users may be hacked. So try not to use public networks. And if there is no way out, then don’t log in to social media accounts at that time.

5. Monitor account activity: Many times it is seen that a third-party app connected to social media is stealing our data. In that case, only valid apps should be used. Also, pay close attention to what other apps are sharing in your account.

6. Use a separate email ID for social media: It would be wise to use a separate email ID for a social media account. This is because all documents, credentials, and bank accounts are linked to our personal mail ID. And hacking social media accounts means that personal information linked to your email is also likely to be leaked. So if you use a different mail ID, hackers will not be able to access your personal information in any way.

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