Samsung tops the smartphone market again

Samsung tops the smartphone market again

South Korea’s Samsung has risen to the top again in August after losing the top spot in the global market to Chinese Huawei in April this year in smartphone sales.

According to Samsung Bangladesh, according to the latest data, 22 percent of the smartphone market is now occupied by Samsung. Competitor Huawei is in the second position in the market with 16 percent share.

According to market analyst firm Counterpoint Research, Samsung’s market share fell to 20 percent at the time of the lockdown due to restrictive complications in several markets around the world. However, since then they have taken some strong steps in the online media.

After the lockdown, the company was able to set a record for the highest share of the Indian market with the same strategy as in 2016.

According to a study by Counterpoint Research, Xiaomi has increased its market share from 8 percent to 11 percent between April and August 2020.

With 12 percent market share from April to August, the iPhone maker Apple is still in the third position.

However, according to Counterpoint Research, Apple’s sales will increase further as the iPhone 12 hits the market. Miniso Kang, an analyst at the research institute, said, “The global market for smartphones has been affected by the strained geographical policies and political relations between the states.”

Source : counterpoint research