Huawei has come up with cloud tech rich video

Huawei has come up with cloud tech rich video

Huawei has recently launched the ‘Huawei Cloud Meeting’ facility in the Asia Pacific region, including Bangladesh, which allows you to connect to each other remotely through a secure and reliable video conference. With a unique combination of devices and cloud, this video conferencing system allows up to one thousand participants from anywhere in the world to join together at any time.

With the help of device-cloud synergy technology, this solution allows data sharing and transfer between any computer, mobile phone, tablet, meeting room terminal and smart TV with a single click. In addition, this solution will support ultra-fast wireless projection of data, audio and video.

Due to the global epidemic, the use of video conferencing to complete the necessary official communication while maintaining physical safety has greatly increased. Huawei has designed this cloud meeting technology to facilitate diversified processes and streamlines, including intelligent education in the context of digital finance, telemedicine and digital governance.
Daniel Zhou, Huawei Asia Pacific’s Cloud and AI President, said, “Huawei Cloud Meeting is aimed at bringing a groundbreaking change to the virtual meeting experience. This will allow users to experience face-to-face discussions from a distance, which will make their communication easier and more seamless. We’re working tirelessly to increase audio-video capabilities, simplify and streamline operations, and facilitate decision-making. “

As the popularity of online platform-based communication grows, so does the awareness and questioning of its security and the confidentiality of participants’ information. One of the goals of the Huawei Cloud Meeting is to bring everything from information exchange to research, development and operations and management (O&M) data monitoring into a safety zone by ensuring full security of the cloud and devices. Through data isolation and ES275 encryption, it provides maximum protection to meeting information and recordings. In recognition of the excellence of innovation, this technical design has won the Red Dot 2020 Award.