Google Transit to provide information on public transport in Dhaka

Google Transit to provide information on public transport in Dhaka

Google Maps has added a new feature called ‘Google Transit’ in Bangladesh, through which even if you are new to any area, you can easily know the information related to public transport.

In a press release, Google said that they have launched this new feature in Bangladesh from Thursday.

It will show the estimated routes, stops and travel times of transport; As a result, public transport users will be able to plan their travel.

Initially, information about buses operating in the capital and trains operated by Bangladesh Railway will be available from this feature.

Google says when someone moves to a new area, they have no idea about the location and route. The feature has been created for them very easily.

For example, if one wants to go to Lalbagh Fort from Jatiya Sangsad Bhaban, he has to type in two locations. Google Transit will tell you the nearest bus stop, which bus to pick up, which route to take and which stop to get off at, approximate distance to the destination and fare information.

Anir Chowdhury, A2I (Aspire to Innovate) Policy Advisor, said, “This feature has been introduced in many developed countries long ago. We believe that this new feature will give public transport operators a great travel experience and save them time and money. ”

According to Google, Google Maps provides more than 1 billion kilometers of transit results every day. This app contains information on public transit timelines for more than 3 million public transports worldwide.